Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Missing MawMaw

I feel like I have still been recuperating from the bronchitis I had back in July.  The cough still is very annoying and persistent.  However, we have a recipe passed down by my MawMaw to my Dad to me.  I can still remember as a little girl, if I got sick, I would be taken to MawMaw's to stay for the day while my parents went to work.  MawMaw would get me a pillow and a sheet and set me up on the couch.  Then she would continue with her housework, her sewing, her cleaning, her cooking.  Every now and then she would bring me jello.  I loved MawMaw's jello.  Every now and then she would bring me cough syrup .  I hated MawMaw's cough syrup.  But it did the trick.
When I recently had to go to the doctor guess what he recommended for the cough?  My MawMaw's recipe!   I am sure that most of you have heard of it but if you haven't here it is:
One part honey
One part lemon juice
One part whiskey (or Rock N Rye)

Shake and take a couple of tablespoons.  I must admit I make horrific faces which amuses my family very much, and I stomp my feet, shake my head and make general sounds of disgust.  But once I am finished acting out against the taste of it, my cough stops and I can get a good night's rest and I feel better the next morning. 

Another thing MawMaw always did for me when I was sick was make my favorite foods...soupy potatoes and butter biscuits.  MawMaw made the best butter biscuits!  And she would make gowns for my Barbie dolls...beautiful satin gowns with lace and tiny snaps at the back and gathered waists.  She was amazing! 

I miss her now because she has gone on to be with the Lord.  But I like remembering...I remember her love for me and for my little boy Jamie.  She never got to meet Eli but I know she would love him too.  

I remember when my first marriage was over and I came home, I came to MawMaw's house and she said, Are you alright?
I don't think I ever cried as an adult in front of MawMaw...but I did that day.  And she cried too.  And she put her arms around me.  We didn't say anything for a long time.  Just cried. 

I remember that when I met Donnie and he proposed to me, the first person we told was MawMaw.  We went together over to take some food to her and told her we were going to get married.  She wanted to know if Jamie was okay with that and we assured her that he was.  Then she told Donnie, You better be good to her or I will get you.  (and she would have too :))  And don't take her away from here.  

At that time I was living next door to her, to help her out with things and just be there if she needed something.  

When she was in the hospital, she told me that she wanted me to have her books. She and  I shared a love of reading.  I told her that she would be reading those books when she got home.  But she made me say that I would take her books.  I know that she knew then she would not be on this earth for long.  

Saying good-bye was so hard.  I miss her every day.  I think about the conversations we would have, the things we shared.  How much she loved us.  

I really can't wait to see her again one day.  This is my MawMaw Mallie and Jamie when he was 6  years old.  

And this one is of MawMaw and Jamie when he was about 9 I think. 

And MawMaw getting sugar from Jamie  when he was little.  

I sure miss my makes me treasure the fact that my sons have their grandparents and get to spend time with them and build memories with them.  

Today I heard the whisper of God in the memory of MawMaw and how she taught me the Lord's Prayer and was my Sunday School teacher and how she showed her love to us.  The Lord gives memories.  Thank You, Jesus. 

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