Thursday, August 1, 2013

ESL Training

Today I heard the whisper of the Lord but it was not really a whisper. He spoke pretty clearly tonight :)
For over a year I have felt the leading of the Lord in a direction that I did not know anything about.  But numerous times He has shown me that I need to be moving to learn about teaching English as a second language as a ministry.
Tonight was the first night of my official training in teaching ESL!  I loved the class!  So many questions that I had have already been answered.  The information I am learning is phenomenal!  The teacher is great!  The other students in class with me are wonderful!  It is just a blessing all around!

He has made a way for me to even be able to attend this training by Donnie and Jamie doing childcare duty with Eli for me.

I do not see very well at night to drive any more.   But tonight it was like I had new eyes.  So He is even taking care of that!

I got in late on the registration and there was a question as to whether I would have a manual or not...but He took care of that.

The class includes lunch on Saturday but the orders had already been placed...but they worked out a way to place an order for mine on short God took care of that too.

And I know, that although I have a lot to learn, He will take care of that.  Though there is a lot of organization and work to do to begin the ministry, He will take care of that too.

I have seen His hand working in bringing this about and I am excited to see how He is going to work the rest of it out.  It just proves to me again that He is the one doing the work; I am just a willing vessel to be used.

I ask the prayers of those who read this blog that God will accomplish His purposes of showing His love for people through this ministry to internationals.  I ask prayers that He will call volunteers who are willing to become a part of the ministry.  I ask for prayers for the potential students who will be wanting to attend class and learn English, that the Lord will bring those who need this and those who need Him into the scope of the ministry.

Pray for me that I will learn and know how to teach ESL, how to organize, how to convey the love of Jesus to all of the people I will meet.

"Jesus said to them, 'Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation'"  Mark 16:15

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