Friday, June 28, 2013

Recycling - Faithful in the Little Things

"Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much." Luke 16:10

 My mother-in-law inspired me on Wednesday. She has a talent for home decoration. We went to help move some furniture out and new furniture in. She can match colors and arrange furniture in such a way that it really is a joy to be in her home. My mom is like that too! Now somehow I missed that talent :) My home decoration style is eclectic at best, and lived-in and cozy are a few other words that can be used positively.

 One thing I have benefited from is FlyLady. She has given me a new way of looking at housecleaning and organization and a new way of thinking about it. With my mother-in-law rearranging and everything, I came home and looked around. I don't have much space in my the first thing I thought was, I can't do anything. Then I got on PINTEREST!!!! Wow! I found out that there are much smaller homes than I have and they are nice and well organized! I tackled 4 projects today and am pleased with how they turned out. I recycled with all of them, which is cool. And I did not have to spend a dime...which is also cool. These little things that I am trying to get under control will help me to get the larger areas under control in time too! just like in the Scripture verse prove yourself in the small things first and then the bigger things. If I am lazy with the small things, I will pretty much be lazy with the bigger things too. If I am not, things will continue to improve and more will be given for me to be responsible with. :)

 Project A: Food Taker/ Bathroom Organizer This project actually happened by mistake. "The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing," said Henry Ford. Last year I attempted to crochet a market bag. I thought I followed the directions correctly but the "bag" never really materialized into a bag. In fact, I could not figure out anything that I could actually use it for. But I had spent so much work and hours crocheting it, that I did not just trash it. I decided to put it over a basket as a decoration. It was not really that decorative because it did not really fit the basket :( But yesterday I was taking supper to a friend whose daughter just had surgery this week. I went out to my building to retrieve my wooden food carrier that I use to take meals to church and take meals to friend and family gatherings...I looked everywhere and could not find it. Perhaps I left it at church...Anyway, I needed something to put the hot dishes in. I looked around and my eyes landed on an old plastic drink crate. I grabbed that thinking at least it would work to carry the dishes in. It was scuffed up and really not the kind of thing you carry to someone's house once I looked at it in the light of the kitchen. I glanced around and my eyes fell on the mistake market bag. Hmmmmm.....right size....hmmmmmm.....I whipped it into the drink crate. It lay very nicely all across the bottom and gently curved over the handles and the sides. Perfect fit. Beautiful carrying tray. A mistake that finally had come into its own :) After delivering the food and coming back home, I looked at it and thought about the huge basket taking up so much room and unorganized in my bathroom. I emptied the basket, threw away what was not needed, and replaced it with the beautified crate. I took several rolls of tissue paper and placed them in, added a few rolled up washcloths, a container of extra hand soap, shampoo bottle and my small bathroom stand alone mirror. Voila!! Now my bathroom looked better and was better organized! This caused me to think of spas...then I thought of those neat clear glass bottles that hold things. I went and got two mason jars and one I filled with cotton balls, the other with facial wipes. Then I remembered a little apothecary/herb glass bottle I had. I brought it in, filled it with Q-tips and set these together. Now my bathroom definitely has a "spa" feel (at least compared to before...LOL!).

 Project B: Closet cleaning and organizing. Got rid of three trash bags of things I cannot use, do not wear, or have held onto for too long. Much neater . My husband looked in and said, "Is this OUR closet?" 

Project C: The shelf above my washer/dryer beside my back door houses many, many things. Some of these many items come crashing to the floor each time someone slams the door. I was on a roll now. I looked around and saw an empty Mtn Dew cardboard 12-can box I was getting ready to throw away. I cut the top off of it and sat the cleaning supplies, air freshener, gloves, sunglasses, cleaning rags inside it and set it up on the shelf. The little hole in the "top" of the container now is the opening that I can pull a dryer sheet though easily each time I throw a load of laundry in to dry. I really liked this project but I think I will cover the box in a pretty scrapbook paper and that will make me like it even more. No more bouncing of miscellaneous items off the shelf.

 Project D: This I read about on Pinterest. Cutting up shoeboxes and dividers from sturdy cardboard to organize your lingerie drawers (and your husband's underwear/sock/pajama drawer). Organized Drawers I am in love with my top two dresser drawers now! Everything is easy to find, no digging through everything. No socks rolling around everywhere. This is genius! And I recycled! Again!
 So I felt very, very productive today...very much like I was taking joy in the small things that God had given me today to try to make better. This is where I heard the whisper of God being happy with being faithful in the small things about being a housewife. Where did you hear Him today?


  1. Oh what a beautiful blog you have! I've read several posts and you encouraged me a lot. Hope you try the rose petal jam sometime-it's so good!

  2. Hi Pam!! So nice to meet you!! Thanks for stopping by A Matter of Grace! I love your blog! And I love the freedom you're finding in being faithful in the "small things." Oh, how He loves us, my friend!! Let's see ourselves through His eyes.
    Sweet blessings!!

    PS Have you been to Write2Ignite conference for writers of children's literature?


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