Saturday, August 2, 2014

Standing barefoot,
toes surrounded by grass moist with dew and rain.
Heels sinking into soft moss,
Feet walking on patches of fragrant clover.
Skin against the earth...
Created by the One True God
to walk in His paradise freely...bare, unashamed.
Returning to bare feet on His created earth
Reminds me that He created this earth and mankind to be
more than what it is, than what we are today.
Sin. Destroyer.
Jesus.  Restorer.
My sandaled Savior...touching the feet of the lame and
causing them to walk on the earth He created again.
Touching their eyes and causing them to see what He has in mind.
Putting His Hand on His forgiveness...mercy.
My bare feet against the earth this morning
Remind me of where His bare feet were His last day on this earth.
Nailed to a cross, splintered, hung between earth and heaven.
His love for me, His feet pierced for me.
Nothing I have can be enough thanks to Jesus for what He has done.
But I walk barefoot on His earth today and remember His sacrifice for me.
Thank You Jesus
---Pammy Martin