Sunday, June 15, 2014

Waiting on the Charlie Poole Bluegrass Music Festival

This is the festival I wanted the boys to enter for a while now...and then I was not able to go with them to listen to the performances!  But that is littlest and I had a great day together and he needed me.  So glad that my darling husband was able to go with eldest to Eden , NC to the Charlie Poole Music Festival!
Waiting for results is hard...I waited to hear from them that they got there okay.  I waited to hear that they got signed in alright.  I waited to hear how they did in the individual competitions.  I waited to hear little sound clips over the phone.  I waited to hear the results at the end of the night.  I waited (well, actually I fell asleep waiting) on them to get home safely.
Waiting is not a bad thing builds patience and endurance and slows things down a mite.  Seems like when you are waiting on something...time just crawls by.  Other times, it flies by so fast you just don't know where it went!
So maybe I should spend more time waiting...
1) Waiting on the Lord 
2) Waiting on answers to prayer
3) Waiting to think before I speak
4) Waiting in line and praying for those I see
5) Waiting before I make a big decision

"Those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.  They shall mount up with wings like eagles.  They shall run and not grow weary.  They shall walk, and not faint. .."

Seems like waiting is a very good thing :) 

And finally the results came in from the Charlie Poole Music Festival...
Rocky Creek (my son's band) won first place Bluegrass Band!!! Yahoo!
Jordan Nanney (guitarist) won 1 st place in Flatpicking Guitar.
Trey Hodge (banjo player for Rocky Creek) 3 rd place in Banjo.
Jamie Renfro( mandolin player and my boy) 3rd place for Mandolin in  Other Instruments and 5th place in Guitar Flatpicking.

The results were worth waiting for!  Then I had to wait until they came home to see the video!  It was worth it too!

But the thing that I am glad I did not wait for was making the decision to accept Jesus' gift of salvation in my life!  The sooner I started serving Him the better!!