Monday, April 14, 2014

Where Would I Be?

We have been going through a wonderful, thought-provoking study for the past 5 weeks at church, leading up to Easter.  This is a poem I wrote about the thoughts going through my head and emotions going through my heart as I remember what Jesus did for me while He was living on this earth.

"Where Would I Be?"

Pam Martin

Where would I be
On that dreadful day?
The day the Son of God died for me.
If I could have lived then
Oh where would I have been
As they nailed my Jesus to a tree?

Would I have been
Just part of the crowd?
Wondering what was happening...
Would I have stayed to see,
Or run far from such misery,
Or turned a blind eye to the whole thing?

Would I have been the one
Who sought for Him to die,
Offended my religion He said was dead?
Would I have been one of the soldiers
Who gave lashes to His back
And pressed a crown of thorns upon His head?

Would I have been His chosen friend
Who hid with fear as He was crucified?
Would I have been loyal like Mary to the end,
But not understanding no matter how hard I tried?

Would I have taken lightly the killing on the tree,
Casting dice for a robe that had no seams?
Would I have been a follower,
tears making it hard to see,
As I looked on Jesus the King
and gave up hopes and dreams?

Would I have been so hardened by all my own sins
That as I hung beside Him I taunted Him?
Or like the thief on His other side
Could my hard heart be broken as I cried,
And find forgiveness in His eyes for my sins?

Would I have been one who witnessed
With thought and with unease
The crucifixion of an innocent man?
And as the battle ended 
In victory at last
Would I realize the power in His nail-scarred hand?

And as He chose to love us
And gave His life on that dark and stormy day,
So we must choose to trust and follow Him,
Down the narrow path.  He is the Way.

If you don't decide- you put it off...
Then you've rejected Him.
He made it clear - you must believe
Before life's light goes dim.

I believe that Jesus, was the true son of God.
I believe that selflessly He gave His life because of His love.  
I believe that Jesus' blood that spilled down Calvary that day
Is all that can truly cleanse me.
Jesus...He is the Way.