Monday, September 2, 2013

Lightning and a Watch....

Today was Labor Day...and I labored.  I know most people rest on Labor Day... I have always labored. I don't mind really.  I like to labor...sometimes :)  I did get a lot done today.
I scheduled my evenings and my mornings to try to make starting my new job easier on the family and me.  I think it will work but it may need some tweaking after I see how it goes.
What I did not plan on was that I would not be able to sleep tonight.  As a stay at home mom, that was never a problem.  If there was a sick child, I would stay up and rest at some time during the day.  If I suffered the insomnia that hits sometimes in middle age, I did not worry because I knew I could sleep a bit later.  Tonight it is the aches and pains of middle age.  Hopefully after I write I will be able to get a few hours of sleep so I can be refreshed.  The good thing is that the Lord always provides the energy and strength I need to get done what I need to get I don't have to worry.  And I will probably sleep well tomorrow.
Today I bought a watch.  I haven't worn one in five years.  I have learned that several countries like Honduras and Nambia I would fit right in with no watch...because time is not that important there.  Here in America time does seem to be far as being on time, not wasting time.   A watch ...that was one thing I did not want to do because I like just being on God's time table.  If He shows me something here that I need to slow down for, then I can.  But you know...He is the author of time.  He is, was and always will be.  He is the creator of time.  He is time itself.  Eternity is in His hands.  So ...though I will be wearing a watch tomorrow and being more aware of the time and how much is passing and where I will be at a certain time...I will also be aware that whether it is measured or unmeasured, all of my time is in His hands.  Each second, minute, hour and day...belongs to the Lord.  Wherever I am...whatever I am doing...I am His and my time is His. He is my master and all I have is His.
So changing the way I look at time will not be difficult, I think.  It will just bring a new appreciation to me of how precious time is and of how He is in each minute.

In our devotion tonight we learned that the massive electrical charge in lightning actually produces nitrogen in the air which we all need to breath.  I do not remember having learned this and I found it very interesting.  Lightning which is a pretty scary thing actually is necessary to life.
I began thinking of how the really intense and sometimes scary parts of life that we wish would just go away...well, God allows whatever to happen to happen for a reason.  Sometimes we know that reason and sometimes we do not. But He is life and He brings life to us through a pretty scary thing that He did ...being crucified on a cross on Calvary.  We may look at the whole crucifixion thinking, How could they do that to Jesus?   But Jesus may have been thinking, How could they not?  It was the only way to bring life to the children He loves.

So don't be afraid of lightning...but do respect its power.  And don't be afraid of God...but do respect His power and the powerful and amazing way He gave His life to save us.

Today I heard God in the whisper of the tick-tock of a watch and in the knowledge of the benefits of lightning.  Where did you hear God today?

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