Thursday, September 19, 2013

In the Woods...and a Little Weird

Today it was wonderful to spend some family time in the woods!  South Mountain State Park has some beautiful scenery...all of it pointing to the Creator and His majesty and creativity.

Hiking up to the Falls is quite a task for me...I did much better coming down from the falls :)  I was glad to have all my men with me to help me on the big steps and the rocks.  They take such good care of me! 

We saw fish, squirrels, and a snake. The sounds of the water rushing around the rocks is my favorite sound in nature, with rain fall running a close second to that.  

I think J had the most energy of all of us.  Of course, he stays more active.  I will probably be sore tomorrow but the soreness will remind me of the wonderful time I had with my family :) 

I took a lot of photos and when I got home I was reviewing them on the computer.  I like to zoom in and look at the photos from a different vantage point because you may see things that way that you missed while taking the photo! Sometimes it is just a close up, sometimes it is something you missed, and sometimes it is something just plain weird.  That is what showed up in this one photo...At the top right  is the original .  To the left  is a tighter shot and on the right bottom is the close up.  Now is it just me but does that look like a face stuck in between the rocks?  And what is face?  Isn't that just weird ? LOL! 

It made me think about how we really do not see the BIG PICTURE like God does.  He sees things from a totally different vantage point than we do.   We may be looking at just the small things around us, not knowing how they fit into life....He knows how they fit.  Or we may be looking at the big picture and missing the smaller details...God doesn't miss anything.  He knows every small thing and every large thing and everything in between. 
When I don't know how or why things happen the way they do, I am comforted by the fact that my Lord, who loves me, knows exactly the reasons and that He only wants His best for me. 

I heard the whisper of God today in His creation once a snake who did no harm but just laid still on the the waters rushing over the the "wows" and "Man!" coming from little eyes that had only seen all this beauty for the first time (well, he saw it when he was two but says he doesn't remember it )...and in the rest that came from sitting down, wearily, and gathering breaths...I heard the whisper of God in seeing details where I missed them before. 

Where did you hear the whisper of the Lord today?

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