Monday, July 8, 2013

Trimming Back

Sometimes things are precious to us...even though it is just a thing. I had a tulip tree that started off as a plant sent when my MawMaw died.  I planted it ( I do not have a history of having a green thumb) and surprise!  It thrived!  I always say it is because it has something to do with MawMaw (she did have a green thumb!).  However, this past fall  my husband came in from cutting grass and doing yard work and stated that he had "trimmed it".  I ran out, fearful.  He had cut it back to the ground!  I was so upset!  I had to really pray because it had sentimental meaning for me...after praying I realized that MawMaw was still in the hands of God and if I didn't have the beautiful tulip tree bush that reminded me of her everyday, I still had my memories.  This summer, my husband took me outside and showed me the bush.  It is blooming even prettier than before since his "trimming" it.
I think that is how it is when we let God trim back "things" from our life in their importance.  When we focus on Him, life gets even more beautiful!

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